The Junkyard Digs F-250 Is Moving Again!

Kevin from Junkyard Digs has been hard at work in the garage ever since he got back from the other side of the world. Actually, he’s just been busy, period…he came out to Tennessee to link up with Dylan McCool for a video collaboration. He bought, road-tripped and sold a cheap B-body Oldsmobile. He’s purchased a couple of vehicles that will keep his channel stocked with content for quite some time to come. And sooner or later, he’s got to get back on the Ford F-250 that he’s been working on for a bit now. One of his first projects for the channel (the F-250 pre-dates the Fiat roadster that required the eviction of an ornery possum from the engine bay) should not be left to sit again, negating the hard work already put into the revival plans.

For this episode, you’ll see a clutch install, one of the grimiest timing chain change-outs we’ve ever seen…ever…and it’s time to finally replace the grimy, ancient starter that bites the dust. Now, there’s just a couple of little touch-up items to worry about, including the missing windshield, the issue involving smoke coming from the positive terminal on startup, the entire exhaust, and oh yeah, that rear axle situation could use some attention, too. Back to the shop with ya, Kevin!

This 1000HP 1963 Chevrolet C10 Sounds About Right!

This 1000HP 1963 Chevrolet C10 Sounds About Right!

We must say that over these past couple of years we have seen just about anything when it comes to amazing restored vehicles, vehicles that were brought to life yet once again. Pick-up trucks are somewhat specific and peculiar. Namely, you can either hate them or love them, and if you are the type of person who might not be much into them, this video will definitely change all of it. Hereby, we present you what could be the only 1963 Chevrolet C10 that you will ever need to see. It has been resurrected and given life to once again.

This LS twin turbo monster is all custom-built and it indeed it looks absolutely stunning. However, it was finally time to put it on the dyno and test its actual power. The guys who made it expected that the 1963 Chevrolet C10 would be able to produce as much as 1,000 HP, which is something amazing. We get the chance to see the truck as it placed and strapped on the dyno and it is getting prepared for the test.

After everything seems nice and ready, it was time to finally power up and push this monster to the absolute limit. Once it is up and going, it seems that nothing can stop it and stand on its way. The test is finally ready and once you take a look at the numbers, you are going to be shocked. The truck managed to go over 1,000 or 1,080HP to be precise.

What an amazing vehicle!

A ’55 Chevy Pickup And Tahoe Chassis Swap You Want To See!

A ’55 Chevy Pickup And Tahoe Chassis Swap You Want To See!

This builder used the shows to help with this awesome and unique build! Eric Baltazar looks forward to Saturday mornings to get his does of Power Nation how-to tech that he used for his 1955 Chevy pickup build. Along with the help of Greg Bush from Past Time Customs, they took the body off of a Chevy Tahoe and put a ’55 Chevy pickup on top of the full chassis suspension drive-train.

At first, Greg thought Eric was crazy for attempting this swap but they made it possible! They managed to get everything from wheel wells to fenders to line up, then it was on to the body work! Eric wanted a copper effect on the truck, and after a lot of work it turned out looking great. It may look antique on the outside, but on the inside it’s nice and polished. It’s a one of a kind build, that’s for sure!

Heavyweight TWIN Turbo Chevy C10 Ain’t Playing Games

We just have to give props to a build of this type because this guy did nearly everything on this truck himself and the best part is that he actually did all of it for the first time, as he puts it, his first welds in his life were to build the bender in order to make the roll cage for this truck.

You know that he has learnt everything the hard way and this makes this truck extra special in his eyes because there is rarely any part of the vehicle that did not go thru his hands at one point.

So when it was time for him to step up and show what this bad boy can do, you know he was extremely excited and once he started putting down sub 10 second runs, well that is all the props that he needs.

Let him tell you more about this vehicle and see it in action as he sends it down the track in the video bellow.

Watch A 1927 Atlas-Imperial Diesel Tug Boat Engine Start Up – So Many Valves, Knobs, and Handles!

Watch A 1927 Atlas-Imperial Diesel Tug Boat Engine Start Up – So Many Valves, Knobs, and Handles!

There’s something about watching massive old engines start up that we cannot get enough of. While this engine is certainly not the largest thing we have ever showed you and some may even argue that it should not be called “massive” we’re sticking to our guns. This is a fun watch because the guy operating this beast has to know everything about it and seemingly he does. There are nuclear power plants with simpler starting procedures than this old 1927 Atlas-Imperial diesel engine.

The video title claims this to be a tug boat engine but we’re not to sure. Unless it was a really small tug, it just does not seem logical that this was an engine that had the power to move both a tug sized vessel and another one at the same time. Then again we could be wrong and Atlas-Imperial engines were known as some of the finest diesels ever made during their era. There are some people who say that they remain some of the finest diesels ever built right to this day. We are not entirely sure what caused the death of the Atlas-Imperial company in the early 1950s but for a couple of decades prior, they were among the world leader in the diesel business.

The engine being fired and running here is a three cylinder piece and it seems as though compressed air is the method being used to spin it over. When you see the work that this guy has to do with valves, handles, pumps, and other stuff to get the engine back in firing mode you’ll be amazed that he can remember it all! Also, it is a little creepy about how much the trailer is rocking and heaving while it gets up to running speed. To his credit the operator stands in there.

Lots of exposed moving parts, great noise and cool history. Yes, this rules.

Chip Foose Is Building The C/28, A Camaro Inspired 1967 Chevrolet Sport Truck The Factory Might Have Built

Everyone knows Chip Foose, and everyone knows that his design ideas can be really inspiring. In this case, his design is not the inspiration, but rather inspired by a 1967 Z/28 302 Small Block Chevrolet engine. He’s building this 1967 C10 pickup into the sport truck Chevrolet might have built in 1967 if the Camaro engineering team were able to build a Camaro inspired pickup. This thing is going to be pretty cool, with the aforementioned 1967 Z/28 engine, stick shift, and details. We’re excited to see this thing come together, and that is exactly what we’ll all be able to do since Chip’s crew is going to follow the project from start to finish.

Watch this first video to see his design process, plans for the truck, and the motivation that makes him want to build this one in particular. After you do, tell us what you think of this project.

Video: Huge Barn Find of American muscle cars and Trucks unearthed in Iowa

Video: Huge Barn Find of American muscle cars and Trucks unearthed in Iowa

Going in these abandoned rundown places and finding cars or trucks that used to be magnificent, it’s best thing can happen to you these days. This place I would say: Too majority of people its scrap. Too me, its gold!

A huge collection of classic American muscle cars has been uncovered in Iowa by YouTuber and Hot Rod magazine contributor Patrick Glen Nichols. Unlike most reported barn finds, these cars all have the potential to start and run, too!

Reported on YouTube, Patrick’s first video focuses on only a small number of what’s been found. He leading us to believe there’s dozens yet to enjoy time in front of the lens.

As we know, nothing has been confirmed yet. Some vehicles may be up for sale, with rumours that the entire lot could soon be up for auction. We’ll have to wait and see… 🙁

For further information and more barn find muscle, check out Patrick’s Facebook page.



Among the most nagging things that come along with the hobby of working on a car or truck, rust definitely has to be near the top of that list. It’s something that is difficult to prevent and when you have an infestation, it can really spread like wildfire, making things a lot more difficult.

When you just want to get out there and wrench on your vehicle to add go-fast parts to it but also have to deal with all of the rust, it really adds another element into the equation to consider to spend your time and money making sure that it isn’t an issue.RUST PROOF YOUR TRUCK OR CAR

This time, we take the time to check out a video that shows off one man’s method of rustproofing a car or truck in a fast and cheap way that he thinks could be effective.

Now, this is definitely one of the many ways to do it as you should probably look into what other ways are possible before proceeding but if you have an area that’s clean and clear of any rust, doing something like this could potentially be a good way to make sure that you don’t have to deal with that in the future, knocking out that pesky substance that you will probably have to address in the long run, anyway.

Check out the video below to see how this undercoating works and what exactly this individual thinks of how the ideal way to shield yourself from rust might look like.

When it comes down to it, whether or not you end up using this method, looking into some way to protect her vehicle from rust could end up being an incredibly smart decision in the long run that might just put more money in your pocket.

Watch These 10 Awesome Radial Engines And All Of Their Glorious Specs

Watch These 10 Awesome Radial Engines And All Of Their Glorious Specs

Radial engines may have had their day in the sun before turbines came into the picture and kind of took over the world of aviation but we still love them. Even the small ones are pretty big and boy can they make some power. This video looks at 10 of the best radial engines ever built from all over the world and doesn’t just show them, it actually gives the specs and history behind each one. This is not necessarily a grouping of the biggest and most powerful engines but rather some of the most durable, long-lasting, and largest volume ones ever as well.

There’s nothing like the sound that a radial engine makes, especially one that has a centrifugal supercharger on it like some of those that you will see here. The stories of servicing the multi-row engines used in big WWII era planes are pretty amazing. If the starting procedure failed there would be nearly five dozen plugs to change and multiple hours of work to change them. The way the exhaust comes off of the cylinders in the multiple row engines is also amazing and it gives the engine a really neat look as well.

____ If you love engines of the piston type, you will love this video. Bore and stroke, horsepower, applications, history, and more, this has a little something to tickle everyone’s gearhead fancy.

Mechanical Failure Completely Separated The Cab From the Frame of a ’02 Chevrolet Silverado

Mechanical Failure Caused The Cab Completely Separated From the Frame

The body mounts of a 2002 Chevrolet Silverado pickup failed after a mechanical failure caused the driver to lose control of the truck. The end result is that photo you see above: the cab completely separated from the frame.

This happened in Pelham, New Hampshire, police responded to a report of a “vehicle rollover,” which, We guess, is sort of applicable in this situation. According to the Pelham Police Department’s press release, the 21 year-old driver “felt the steering wheel begin to shake just prior to losing control.”

Mechanical Failure Completely Separated Chevrolet Silverado

Mechanical Failure Completely Separated Chevrolet Silverado

A crash ensued, and when police arrived the truck’s cab “was completely separated from the frame.” Luckily, the occupant was able to just crawl out of the truck with only minor injuries, which—as the Pelham Police Department’s Facebook page puts it—makes her “very lucky.”

Mechanical Failure Completely Separated Chevrolet Silverado