If Aaron KAUFMAN Decides to Move to MISFIT GARAGE, He Would Instantly be in CHARGE!!

Could Former Gas Monkey Aaron Kaufman End Up At Misfit Garage

Since the unexpected departure of Aaron Kaufman from Gas Monkey Garage, questions have been swirling as to why? Could he follow the other exiled Monkeys to Misfit Garage?

I know this would seem far-fetched, but when you step back and take a deep look it makes sense. The Gas Monkey empire has grown quite a bit with Gas Monkey Bar and Grill’s, Gas Monkey Tequilla, Gas Monkey Energy drink, and all the retail growth for Gas Monkey merchandise. That is all Richard Rawlings enterprises. Aaron Kaufman is just an employee of the shop and Discovery network.

While he has watched the incredible growth of Gas Monkey something else has happened, Misfit Garage started. Built by former employees of Gas Monkey, they already have their own show and shop. Each one entered a partnership as an owner, something that has alluded Kaufman at Gas Monkey Garage. They have built several projects and are proving to be staffed by decent car builders.

All of whom that are there now have relationships with Kaufman.

If Aaron decides to move to Misfit Garage, he would instantly be in charge. He would be in a position to purchase a controlling interest in the fledgling shop. His ownership would immediately take it from an upstart shop to a serious competitor to Gas Monkey Garage.

Misfit Garage would no longer be a joke, it would be an equal from Aaron’s first day.

Let’s be serious, this is all TV, and that would be ratings gold. A head to head competition between Gas Monkey Garage and Misfit Garage at car shows and the auction block would be must see TV.

As an owner, this time Aaron would be rewarded handsomely as the stature of Misfit Garage grew.

Of course, this is all speculation, but the statement from Discovery Networks did say “We wish him the best and hope to continue to work with him”.

That is a not so subtle clue that there is something in the works to keep the talented Kaufman in the Discovery family.

If this happens everyone wins, even Richard Rawlings and Gas Monkey Garage with the publicity it would all garner.

Source artofgears.com

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