BACA Bikers Find Out About A Child Being Abused – They Show Up To Take Action

BAKA Bikers Find Out About A Child Being Abused

If you’ve ever seen a group of bikers, then you know how intimidating those leather-clad, jean-wearing group of big bearded men and tough women look. But these often large and loud groups of people are quite frequently softies at heart if you get to know them.

baka bikers

All the members of “BACA” or Bikers Against Child Abuse have a tender heart for children who grew up in terrible situations where they are abused.

While they may have compassion for the children, these bikers show no such thing to the perpetrators who abuse children. That’s why when BACA rolls up to an abused child’s home, they finally feel safe – sometimes for the first time in years.

Committed to helping children feel cared for and safe, BACA members commit to protecting threatened children around the clock. If they need an escort to get to school or to the courthouse, BACA is happy to provide that.

If they need the biker gang to roll up in their driveway and keep watch all night to make sure the abuser doesn’t come in and try to hurt anyone, these tough men and women are more than happy to do that.

For example, when 10-year-old FA was set to testify against her stepfather, who had made it a habit of abusing her, BACA came to make sure she could sleep soundly. They set up a watch and made sure the criminal stepfather didn’t come back to enact revenge on the poor little girl.

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