A Biker is Nearly Wiped Out by a TRUCK after a DOG Causes a ACCIDENT

Biker Hits Dog, Narrowly Avoids Oncoming Truck

This is the dramatic moment a biker was sent tumbling into the path of a truck after a dog ran out into the road and caused a motorcycle pile-up. The footage was captured on the helmet-cam of a woman, who watched as the frightened animal ran out into the road in Wisconsin.

The animal is sent hurtling across the other side of the road as the biker flies over the handlebars and bounces around on the ground.

The first rider appears to be the most badly injured. He can be heard wailing in pain while his friends dial 911 for help. Moments before impact however the man is able to jump out the way and into the other lane of traffic as the truck passes – saving his life in the process.


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