110,000 LBS Of Boost!? Monster Truck Reaches 0-60MPH In a Second!

110,000 LBS Of Boost? This Monster Truck Reaches 0-60MPH In Just One Second!

First of all, we think this monster truck deserves that name because it’s really like a disaster. Second 110,000 LBS of boost? Wow, it is relay like a tsunami but we seriously doubt it’s a 110k of pressure inside as well.

Combustion / Expansion Stroke
300 psi for engine’s at light loads,
1000 psi for production engines at full power 1500 psi to 3,000 psi of force in race engines.

This Dodge truck has been around for some time now and we have followed every of its videos but this time it comes up with some new mods added to this powered diesel dragster.

The Royalty family has forced their Dodge into a diet and it got off 500 LBS of weight and they added some water injection to help it on down the track with even more violence.

The guy on the video gives us an overview on what really has been upgraded on this monstrous truck. Unfortunately some of burnout stages didn’t go as planned but they promise they will practice hard before making the long trip to Texas.

However, we still think that guy in this video lying and the title is just misleading!!

Watch the video and write what do you think…






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