You Will Never Guess What You Can Use an OIL FILTER Suppressor for

Oil Filter Suppressor or Should be called the ” Foxworthy Suppressor “

Some gun enthusiasts rely on an oil filter suppressor to make their guns less noisy and to improve their aim and accuracy. This DIY option is relatively inexpensive and easy to make.

However, before you use one, it’s crucial that you ensure the practice is legal in your state.

Only 41 states permit it, and those that do require a thorough background check and a $200 fee. If you add a suppressor without going through the official process, you risk violating state law.

After the trend caught on a few years ago, some companies began making oil filter suppressors but legally registering them so it wouldn’t be breaking the law to buy them.

If you choose to use an oil filter suppressor, go through the proper channels first.

How an Oil Filter Suppressor Works

The oil filter is attached to the barrel of the gun, typically guns with threaded barrels. You can also purchase an adapter to help you connect the oil filter to the gun.

The device reduces both the muzzle flare and the sound of the shot and allows users to shoot with greater safety and with less noise pollution.

Using an Oil Filter Suppressor

An oil filter suppressor typically consists of two parts: tube or can and an adapter to connect the can or tube to the gun’s barrel.

The components must be properly threaded onto the barrel for everything to fit securely and work properly. Because it’s difficult to build an adapter that matches the barrel’s threads, many gun enthusiasts buy a manufactured adapter.

Make One For YouSuppressor



It’s not an urban (or is it “rural legend” in this case) legend, and you can see for yourself in the videos.  The thing not only suppresses sound, but it also allows the shooter to accurately and reliably fire his gun and hit the intended target.

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