Classic VW Van Starts Breathing After 31 Years in a field!!

Classic VW Van Starts Breathing After 31 Years in a field!!

These days it is popular to find old and abandoned vehicles in yards and re-live them again. At times, you might be able to find a true GEM, but often the vehicles are in terrible condition and require great work to be turned back to life.

In the following video you are about to see that i.e. the classic VW bus found in a yard. The condition in which they find the bus is terrible, it is rusted all over.

_____ Using a high-compression blower, they blow off all the dust and dirt stuck into the engine. After wiring the bus, it takes multiple attempts to get the engine running, but after awhile they manage to start it. What do you think, will they be able to restore it completely?



Mark Smith’s U.S. Fire Force ’40 Ford Fire Truck Twin Rolls Royce Viper Jet Engines 25,000 Combined HP. This thing burns about 4 gallons per second when afterburner is lit. Tube Chassis with 3 main frame rails.

6 Wheel brakes with dual twin piston calipers on each wheel. 3 Air brakes, 2- 16ft ring slot parachutes and 1 emergency 3 panel 12 ft chute.

______ Weighs 7,200lbs. Currently Holds Jet Truck World Record at 407mph and wows the crowd Saturday Night at Cordova 61st Annual World Series of Drag Racing 8-23-14 with a fiery pass of 8.23@195.30mph. Watch it..

1955 GMC 1st Generation 454 Big Block Pickup Worth $58,500

1955 GMC 1st Generation 454 Big Block Pickup

The General Motors Truck Company is known for having produced a fantastic number of incredible trucks throughout the years since 1911.

Many of them are classics now that collectors spend time and money trying to find and rebuild with their own ideas in mind.

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……This 1955 classic is boasting a massive 454 Chevy Big Block engine along with its pretty unique and purple flame paint job.

It’s also sporting a power steering, a 350 turbo transmission and power disc brakes that also allow it to serve as a proper daily driver.

So if you’re chomping at the bit to get your hands on this beauty, all you need is a cool $58,500.

Enjoy in the video!!

1959 GMC Detroit Diesel Cabover!

1959 GMC Detroit Diesel Hood Open Showing Mechanicals Of Truck And Driving Over Camera

This 1959 GMC is a super clean rig.

We love the detail this guy put into the restoration of this. Walkaround and hood open showing mechanicals of the truck.

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Jake brake on and off, whistle blowing. Driving over camera to show clean underside.

Notice no oil dripping! Thanks for looking!

Every time I watch this video it puts a big ole smile on my face and I know it does the same for you!   What a Nice Truck.

The video is long but it’s very good.

Driving a Freaky Chevy C10 Truck With Huge Tires!!

Chevy C10 Truck With Huge Tires!!

“Believe me I’m a mechanic,” – words which describe this guy perfectly!! And one more prove that Redneck imagination has no limits. Those “Partners” on the truck are doing improvements and tune up their truck in very bizarre way. In other words – stock trucks are for pussies.

Redneck tuning is far-far away from logic and engineering.

However, this guy just set a World Record in must Bizzare Redneck Tuning. Instead of restoring this Classic Chevy C10, or improving comfort inside, No, he put huge tires on the rear axle to make the impossible to drive truck!

And when I say huge, I mean it. They have the same height as whole Truck.


One important notice is, that despite of all those redneck show-off features, owner improved the engine, setting a huge turbo. Moreover, to mount those huge sushis frame and axle improvement were mandatory.

Finally, we’re pretty sure, that this truck is impossible to drive in day-by-day routine, but to show-off a little, why not?

1970 F-100 SMOKING a Tuned 2011 Silverado a Couple of Times

Tuned 2011 Silverado Vs 1970 F100

Appearances, as they say, aren’t everything.  This 1970 F-100 is certainly proof of that, smoking a tuned 2011 Silverado a couple of times over in spite of its homely appearance.  The old Ford, proclaimed to be “stock” (winky face), proves to have something other than a stock motor under the hood as it easily handles the Chevy in a series of rolling start drag races.

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Dodge Challenger HELLCAT

Ford/F-100 has a supercharged 302 providing motivation, but no other details are provided.

It certainly looks like an unassuming old farm truck, making it a perfect sleeper.  The Silverado has long tube headers, an aftermarket intake, and a tune on its factory small block.

The Ford simply makes mincemeat of the Chevy, pulling out several car bus lengths by the time it’s all over.

However, minus a little driver error in the middle, there’s no doubt that the old Ford dominates the modern Chevy this time around.