Watch These 10 Awesome Radial Engines And All Of Their Glorious Specs

10 Awesome Radial Engines

Watch These 10 Awesome Radial Engines And All Of Their Glorious Specs

Radial engines may have had their day in the sun before turbines came into the picture and kind of took over the world of aviation but we still love them. Even the small ones are pretty big and boy can they make some power. This video looks at 10 of the best radial engines ever built from all over the world and doesn’t just show them, it actually gives the specs and history behind each one. This is not necessarily a grouping of the biggest and most powerful engines but rather some of the most durable, long-lasting, and largest volume ones ever as well.

There’s nothing like the sound that a radial engine makes, especially one that has a centrifugal supercharger on it like some of those that you will see here. The stories of servicing the multi-row engines used in big WWII era planes are pretty amazing. If the starting procedure failed there would be nearly five dozen plugs to change and multiple hours of work to change them. The way the exhaust comes off of the cylinders in the multiple row engines is also amazing and it gives the engine a really neat look as well.

____ If you love engines of the piston type, you will love this video. Bore and stroke, horsepower, applications, history, and more, this has a little something to tickle everyone’s gearhead fancy.

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