1970 F-100 SMOKING a Tuned 2011 Silverado a Couple of Times


Tuned 2011 Silverado Vs 1970 F100

Appearances, as they say, aren’t everything.  This 1970 F-100 is certainly proof of that, smoking a tuned 2011 Silverado a couple of times over in spite of its homely appearance.  The old Ford, proclaimed to be “stock” (winky face), proves to have something other than a stock motor under the hood as it easily handles the Chevy in a series of rolling start drag races.

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Ford/F-100 has a supercharged 302 providing motivation, but no other details are provided.

It certainly looks like an unassuming old farm truck, making it a perfect sleeper.  The Silverado has long tube headers, an aftermarket intake, and a tune on its factory small block.

The Ford simply makes mincemeat of the Chevy, pulling out several car bus lengths by the time it’s all over.

However, minus a little driver error in the middle, there’s no doubt that the old Ford dominates the modern Chevy this time around.

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