Fast and Furious truck – a 1967 Chevy with Massive Rear Tires!

Fast and Furious truck – a 1967 Chevy with Massive Rear Tires!

Fast and Furious truck – a 1967 Chevy with massive rear tires! If you’re a gearhead chances are you have seen Fast and Furious 4. And you probably remember the scene when Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) does the incredible scene with the fuel tanker in the middle of the highway!

The Fast and Furious truck scene is actually so unrealistic that fans usually do not even want to discuss it! However, the picture car department came out with the exact same Fast and Furious truck – ’67 Chevy to prove its capabilities! In the movie, it’s supposed to be a diesel engine, but in reality, it’s a 502 gasoline burning V8!!

The story behind this fast and furious truck is quite interesting, actually. The original script had the “road train” fuel truck having its trailers swiped by a pair of El Caminos. But for picture car coordinator Dennis McCarthy, the idea that the light-duty El Camino could haul off giant fuel trailers was just too absurd. So he asked that his crew be allowed to produce more plausibly rugged machines for the scene.

_____ The copper-colored ’67 Chevy here is one of McCarthy’s two solutions. From the cab back, this Fast and Furious truck features a custom frame built from massive steel box section tubing. The rear suspension is a giant ladder bar setup with airbags. Those rear tires are the biggest and widest the picture car department could find. Ironically, they’re usually used on tanker trailers.

The picture car department built two of these beautiful trucks plus one engine-less buck for filming. All of the trucks survived and are now in storage. Check out the video as one of these three trucks is doing burnouts with the huge rear tires!

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