Fire Heavily Damages 150 Country Classic Cars in Staunton

Fire Heavily Damages 150 Country Classic Cars in Staunton

Investigators are trying to find out what started a massive fire that tore through a landmark classic car business in Staunton, Illinois. There is massive damage to part of Country Classic Cars and a lot of classic cars have either been damaged or destroyed.

The business is on Old Route 66 just off I-55 in Staunton. You can see the damage from the highway. There are several buildings on the property, it appears one took most if not all of the damage.

Firefighters got the call after 8pm last night. Authorities say when the first crews arrived, the building was already fully engulfed.

The fire grew to five alarms with crews from 11 different departments responding. We understand as many as 150 classic cars were inside the building the building that burned.

______ We`re told the roof of the building collapsed during the fire onto the cars. It took crews until about 11pm last night to get the fire under control.

The business has been in the Staunton area for years and is a staple in the area. Classic cars are sold and repaired there–there are showrooms as well. Authorities say one of the big challenges in the fighting the fire was that there are no hydrants in the rural area so water had to be trucked in.

The Illinois State Fire Marshal has been called in to investigate the fire. So far no cause for the fire has been determined. Fortunately nobody was hurt.


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