LMC Super Cuda Shows Ferrari Enzo Who’s The Boss!

LMC Super Cuda 208 MPH!

American Muscle Cars have been always in a street war with Super Cars from all around the world. They always tried to show the world that they are the kings of streets and in this video they showed it again racing against a Ferrari Enzo. Super cool drag race! Can this Enzo resist to this American Idol?

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This monster Super Cuda built by Legendary Motorcar Company, is a real beast rolling on the streets.

It has a V10 engine and  produces more than 1000HP. But does that too much for a Ferrari Enzo to handle? Both of these cars look perfect lined up against each other on the track and the race is about to begin after the bad weather passed. 

Check out the video below and see some incredible footages of this insane race.


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