How does a NITROUS Oxide System Increase Horsepower?

Nitrous oxide system – How does this thing actually work?

Nitrous oxide system has one particular purpose – to increase the power output of the engine. It’s a quite appealing addition and because of this, there are a fair share of misconceptions and myths about it. Also, there are a lot of questions referring to its tuning, reliability etc.

Contrary to popular opinion, nitrous oxide system is not a necessity if your car is topping out at 140 mph. There are many ways to increase power and none of them are cheap and easy to implement. In addition, you have to be wary of whether the engine can handle it or not.

So how does the nitrous system increase the power output of the engine? Well, put simply, it increases the amount of fuel that can be burned. It does this by increasing the oxygen supply.

______ To understand the working principle it is advisable to take a loot at the components involved first. Then, you can check out this video, which further explains the difference between wet and dry setups – check it out!

For complete install instructions on this kit, see the link below:…

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