When NUCLEAR Waste Oversized Convoy is Driving Down Your Street!!!

If you’ve ever wondered: How Nuclear Waste Travels? The Answer Is IN Style!!

On a list of things you wouldn’t want to see driving down your street, this thing must rank just under a convoy of the Red Army marching triumphantly. That is unless you live in Russia, of course, in which case that is a common occurrence at least once a year.

This hard to describe rig looks like an awful waste of space.

For some reason, somebody thought that putting the load in the middle of a ridiculously long trailer that takes up the whole road was a good idea, instead of having it transported on something much smaller, or rather much better fitted to its own dimensions.

But they were right to do it, and here’s why: that white blob of metal on the trailer looking like something that could host human settlers on Mars is actually a nuclear waste casket on its way to its storage facility.

And having it mounted on a big rig was the best idea anyone has ever had, because should anything happen to it, that part of the USA would instantly become closely related to a certain Ukranian town called Pripyat.

Photo source Autoevolution

Well, as it happens, that particular shipment wasn’t that dangerous, but it was still bad enough to warrant quite an impressive escort with several trucks accompanying the trailer and tens of men in reflective vests making sure everything goes to plan.

Assuming, of course, they had a plan and didn’t just say ‘let’s take this thing to the ocean and drop it in.’

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