Running From The Police Chases – Stunt Bikes WRECK

Running From The Police Chases Stunt Bikes WRECK

Since this video first appeared on the internet, there’s been some interesting titles accompanying it, and a whole load of mixed opinion. Our favorite of these headlines asks is: Whether the cop who attempts to pull over this riding group caused the crash that subsequently followed?

We already answered this question… But, well, how many group riding, stunting on the streets videos do you see without an accident happening in them? A small percentage, right? And that’s exactly what happens in this one.

Anyway, a couple of wheelies are pulled, and the local law enforcement shows up and indicates for the group to pull over.

Some look like they’re happy to follow orders, others … not so much. Either way, in the resulting confusion, one rider manages to grab a fistful of front brake and the rest is history.

The rider in question has some questionable awareness skills if you pay attention to him throughout the video, so pinning this one on the cop seems a little unfair.

Pay attention at the video below. What’s your opinion?


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