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Lost “Bullitt” Ford Mustang ‘Found’ in Mexico?

bullitt found mexico

Lost “Bullitt” Ford Mustang ‘Found’ in Mexico? According to a series of photos and posts in a vintage Mustang forum, one of the most memorable cars from modern cinema – the 1968 green Ford Mustang fastback in Bullitt – has possibly been

FOR SALE!! Amazing Collection of 700 cars, Is Going Up for Auction!!

Collection of 700 Unusual Cars Is Going Up for Auction

Guy Owns 700 Expensive Cars And He Is Now Selling Them One car may be enough for you, but it wasn’t to Ron Hackenberger. Cars were to him as candy is to kids – one is just not enough. The extensive

Autorama Recreates ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ Jump

Dukes of Hazzard

Autorama Recreates ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ Jump Autorama 2017 kicked off with a bang behind Cobo Center in Detroit, with the General Lee defying the laws of gravity. Throngs of people lined the streets to see the General Lee from Dukes

Security Camera Catches Thief Stealing a Trans Am WS6!

Thief Stealing a Trans Am

Security Camera Catches Thief Stealing a Trans Am WS6! There are always people that try to take things that doesn’t belong to them, and in the video below, we see some of those people. In the security camera footage below,

BOYCOTT GENERAL MOTORS! They Just Released a Plan for Mexico that Made TRUMP FURIOUS!!!

General Motors

Real Americans buy cars made in the Untied States of America! Donald Trump has done a HELL of a job bringing back jobs to the United States since he won. We have already seen Ford and Toyota and Carrier and

Man Donates more than 30,000 Scale Models And Full Size Cars To His Church


Man Donates More Than 30,000 Cars to Church This unusual donation was left by Dennis Erickson. He was a resident of Minnesota who was working as an usher at Celebration Church at the time of his death. Church members who

LIQUIDATION! Forgotten Wrecking Yard with at Least a 1000 cars

Forgotten Wrecking Yard Liquidation! I’m sure many of you, have fond memories of wondering around salvage yards, looking at all the rusty relics. Sadly, many of these yards have closed and what ever was left over was simply crushed and

BLOWN 1955 CHEVY With Nitros For More POWER

55 Chevy

CALLOUT – Blown ’55 Chevy ANYONE who has driven a real 600hp car knows that’s a lot of horsepower. Bump the power level to 1000hp and you’re into some insane territory. So imagine having 1400hp and then adding 300hp worth

1956 Cadillac Coupe Deville – Black Widow


Black Widow – 1956 Cadillac Coupe Deville After watching this video, 1956 Cadillac coupe deville will probably become your favorite car!! We still don’t have any information about this dangerous looking 56 Caddy aka Black Widow. See also Barry Weiss’ Cowboy Cadillac The

1968 Dodge Charger R/T vs 1965 GTO Drag Race


1968 Dodge Charger R/T vs 1965 Pontiac GTO This is 1/4 mile drag race between Dodge and Pontiac, or better to say between two rare but most wanted Mopars. See also Challenger Hellcat vs Nitrous Challenger SRT8 392 – Mopar Brawl A