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This Pretty Girl Builds A Supercharged LS Engine On A 64 Impala SS

This Pretty Girl Builds LS Engine Impala

Pretty Girl Builds LS Engine On A 64 Impala SS This You Tuber, Flying Sparks Garage, has a show they call “In The Shop With Emily” and you know, it’s pretty cool. She can handle with a variety of cars,

1967 Shelby Cobra Wreck Pulling Out Of Parking Lot

1967 Shelby Cobra

NEVER let a Woman drive Anything Over 100hp, Especially 1967 Shelby Cobra While we have no history on this car which is a 1967 AC Cobra/427. We’re guessing this’s a replica car as the originals were made of aluminum body panels

383 Stroker Chevelle Destroys ’09 Mustang GT in Street Race

383 Stroker Chevelle vs Mustang GT

383 Stroker Chevelle vs Mustang GT When it comes to old muscle cars you never know whats under the hood. The guy could be totally bone stock or could have a bunch of money under the hood and can easily

57 Chevy and 50 year Old Farm Girl’s Drive

57 Chevy and 50 year Old Farm Girl

57 Chevy and 50 year Old Farm Girl’s Drive. A Classic Car And Woman! Farm Girl finally turned 50 and Exoman had one more surprise for her. She got to drive a 1957 Chevy Belair! An acquaintance of Exoman’s found

These Hand-Built Street-Legal Dwarf Cars Cost Big Bucks, But They’re Worth It!

Dwarf Cars

Hand-Built Street-Legal Dwarf Cars Dang, if I had a few hundred thousand dollars laying around, I just might go small, real small. Click play and check out what the focus point of my love is, some way cool dwarf-cars. See also 1957

Engine Fires up For First Time in a 100 Years

Work an Old Engine After 97 Years

What Happens When you Work an Old Engine After 97 Years Have you ever wondered what happens when you try to work an old engine after a long, I mean “very long”, time? Well, check out the video below and

Fully Functional 3D PRINTED Chevy Camaro V8 LS3 Engine!

LS3 V8 Engine

Chevy Camaro LS3 V8 Engine – Scale Working Model Remember when life was nothing but eating large amounts of pasta and disassembling engines? Yeah, that was the best! Especially the time you shot noodles out your nose and into the

If Aaron KAUFMAN Decides to Move to MISFIT GARAGE, He Would Instantly be in CHARGE!!

aaron kaufman

Could Former Gas Monkey Aaron Kaufman End Up At Misfit Garage Since the unexpected departure of Aaron Kaufman from Gas Monkey Garage, questions have been swirling as to why? Could he follow the other exiled Monkeys to Misfit Garage? I

The SECRET to Cut Your Fuel Bills to 56% in Costs!!

Cut Your Fuel Bills

The SECRET to Cut Your Fuel Bills to 56% in Costs!! We know that everyone has tried at least once in his life feeling broke of money when it comes to filling up your car’s tank. The first thing that

The Single Most Crazy Car DESTRUCTION Ever!!!


Promoting Heavy Machinery in a Such WRONG Way!! Crazy Car DESTRUCTION The Bay Shore Systems TR 150 Drill, mounted on a John Deere 470G excavator, is a hit with power-line contractors due to its low overhead clearance, high torque, and