Chip Foose Is Building The C/28, A Camaro Inspired 1967 Chevrolet Sport Truck The Factory Might Have Built

Everyone knows Chip Foose, and everyone knows that his design ideas can be really inspiring. In this case, his design is not the inspiration, but rather inspired by a 1967 Z/28 302 Small Block Chevrolet engine. He’s building this 1967 C10 pickup into the sport truck Chevrolet might have built in 1967 if the Camaro engineering team were able to build a Camaro inspired pickup. This thing is going to be pretty cool, with the aforementioned 1967 Z/28 engine, stick shift, and details. We’re excited to see this thing come together, and that is exactly what we’ll all be able to do since Chip’s crew is going to follow the project from start to finish.

Watch this first video to see his design process, plans for the truck, and the motivation that makes him want to build this one in particular. After you do, tell us what you think of this project.

1955 GMC 1st Generation 454 Big Block Pickup Worth $58,500

1955 GMC 1st Generation 454 Big Block Pickup

The General Motors Truck Company is known for having produced a fantastic number of incredible trucks throughout the years since 1911.

Many of them are classics now that collectors spend time and money trying to find and rebuild with their own ideas in mind.

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……This 1955 classic is boasting a massive 454 Chevy Big Block engine along with its pretty unique and purple flame paint job.

It’s also sporting a power steering, a 350 turbo transmission and power disc brakes that also allow it to serve as a proper daily driver.

So if you’re chomping at the bit to get your hands on this beauty, all you need is a cool $58,500.

Enjoy in the video!!