Heavyweight TWIN Turbo Chevy C10 Ain’t Playing Games

We just have to give props to a build of this type because this guy did nearly everything on this truck himself and the best part is that he actually did all of it for the first time, as he puts it, his first welds in his life were to build the bender in order to make the roll cage for this truck.

You know that he has learnt everything the hard way and this makes this truck extra special in his eyes because there is rarely any part of the vehicle that did not go thru his hands at one point.

So when it was time for him to step up and show what this bad boy can do, you know he was extremely excited and once he started putting down sub 10 second runs, well that is all the props that he needs.

Let him tell you more about this vehicle and see it in action as he sends it down the track in the video bellow.



Mark Smith’s U.S. Fire Force ’40 Ford Fire Truck Twin Rolls Royce Viper Jet Engines 25,000 Combined HP. This thing burns about 4 gallons per second when afterburner is lit. Tube Chassis with 3 main frame rails.

6 Wheel brakes with dual twin piston calipers on each wheel. 3 Air brakes, 2- 16ft ring slot parachutes and 1 emergency 3 panel 12 ft chute.

______ Weighs 7,200lbs. Currently Holds Jet Truck World Record at 407mph and wows the crowd Saturday Night at Cordova 61st Annual World Series of Drag Racing 8-23-14 with a fiery pass of 8.23@195.30mph. Watch it..

s10 Pickup Named the FARM MOD Is One Bad Little Dude

Say Hello To The Farm Mod! (Memphis Street Outlaws)

This little s10 is one awesome truck. Affectionately named Farm Mod for obvious reasons. The truck was built by shop kids that in its self makes this truck special.

With its Chevy Ls based engine and  a progressive 400 shot and a pretty good size tire, the truck will defiantly get you back to the farm in time to feed the cows.

If kids were able to construct something like this at such a young age, just imagine what’s coming when these youngsters get a little bit of experience under their belts.

They could even be the next big thing in the world of drag-racing.

We really support high school shop classes and believe there should be more across the country. However, that sound like an awesome truck.

Video below shows off the garage built machine yanking the front wheels and making its way down the track to a clean pass.

Check out. See more at www.6sixty2racing.com