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This Pretty Girl Builds A Supercharged LS Engine On A 64 Impala SS

This Pretty Girl Builds LS Engine Impala

Pretty Girl Builds LS Engine On A 64 Impala SS This You Tuber, Flying Sparks Garage, has a show they call “In The Shop With Emily” and you know, it’s pretty cool. She can handle with a variety of cars,

HOW DRAG RACERS DO CHRISTMAS… Santa, Check Out This V8-Powered Sleigh!


THE 500-HP SNOW MONSTER IS BEAUTIFULLY ABOMINABLE Santa baby, the ol’ flying sleigh has its benefits, I’m sure. When you make your rounds to Sweden, though, I suggest stopping by Lindberg Bros. Motorsports to pick up the V8-Powered SnowMonster for

1600HP CUDA With 540 Big-Block Chrysler Will Give You A Heart Attack!

Chrysler Barracuda

1600HP CUDA With 540 Big-Block Chrysler!!! When it comes to drag racing, this (1610 HP) 1971 Plymouth Barracuda Powered By 540 Big-Block Chrysler has the speed and the looks to be the potential top drag racing car on every track. But…

Snowmobile Engine Powered GO KART – 111 MPH

go kart

Snowmobile Engine Powered GO KART Reach 111 MPH This’s one epic Snowmobile Engine Powered Rat Rod Go Kart! So How do you like that RAT ROD lettering on the huge exhaust pipes of this gokart? Cool, eh? Notonly is this

A Look Back at Most INSANE Crashes in NHRA History


A Look Back at Most INSANE Crashes in NHRA History We have always loved the sport of racing, whether it be directly competing or merely watching. Over 100 years later, motor-sports – ‘or auto racing’ – is one of the

EPIC Wreck DRONE Footage – 300ft Mustang Huge WHEELIE & CRASH!


DRONE Footage – THE SHADOW HUGE WHEELSTAND & CRASH!  This days at No Mercy 7 at South Georgia Motorsports Park, Stevie “Fast” Jackson went air born after he pulling off a huge wheelie in an attempt to power past his

1970 F-100 SMOKING a Tuned 2011 Silverado a Couple of Times


Tuned 2011 Silverado Vs 1970 F100 Appearances, as they say, aren’t everything.  This 1970 F-100 is certainly proof of that, smoking a tuned 2011 Silverado a couple of times over in spite of its homely appearance.  The old Ford, proclaimed

AWESOME 1965 Chevy Pickup Twin Supercharged


AWESOME Twin Supercharged 1965 Chevy Pickup Ever considered mounting two superchargers to your hot rod truck? It seems too radical, but Bradley Gray figured it out so you don’t have to. See also 1954 Chevy Truck Body Turned into a RAMROD

Hemi-Powered ’55 Chevy Bel Air TUNING and BURNOUTS


Hemi-Powered Chevy Bel Air Tuning and Burnouts This’s one more awesome video from Finnegan’s Garage. This ’55 Chevy is powered by a 531ci Chrysler Hemi. See also NASTY HOT ROD DESTROYS TUNERS REVVING Their 4 Cylinders It’s topped with a set

1972 Super Beetle With 900+ HP ROTARY Engine Running on Methanol


BAD ASS BLACK MAMBA With 900+ HP ROTARY Engine Of the many race VW’s running transaxles prepared by Rancho Performance Transaxles, Damian McKenzie’s awesome Black Mamba is certainly one of the most unique. This is a home grown effort with most