The Junkyard Digs F-250 Is Moving Again!

Ford F-250

Kevin from Junkyard Digs has been hard at work in the garage ever since he got back from the other side of the world. Actually, he’s just been busy, period…he came out to Tennessee to link up with Dylan McCool for a video collaboration. He bought, road-tripped and sold a cheap B-body Oldsmobile. He’s purchased a couple of vehicles that will keep his channel stocked with content for quite some time to come. And sooner or later, he’s got to get back on the Ford F-250 that he’s been working on for a bit now. One of his first projects for the channel (the F-250 pre-dates the Fiat roadster that required the eviction of an ornery possum from the engine bay) should not be left to sit again, negating the hard work already put into the revival plans.

For this episode, you’ll see a clutch install, one of the grimiest timing chain change-outs we’ve ever seen…ever…and it’s time to finally replace the grimy, ancient starter that bites the dust. Now, there’s just a couple of little touch-up items to worry about, including the missing windshield, the issue involving smoke coming from the positive terminal on startup, the entire exhaust, and oh yeah, that rear axle situation could use some attention, too. Back to the shop with ya, Kevin!

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