Watch A 1927 Atlas-Imperial Diesel Tug Boat Engine Start Up – So Many Valves, Knobs, and Handles!

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Watch A 1927 Atlas-Imperial Diesel Tug Boat Engine Start Up – So Many Valves, Knobs, and Handles!

There’s something about watching massive old engines start up that we cannot get enough of. While this engine is certainly not the largest thing we have ever showed you and some may even argue that it should not be called “massive” we’re sticking to our guns. This is a fun watch because the guy operating this beast has to know everything about it and seemingly he does. There are nuclear power plants with simpler starting procedures than this old 1927 Atlas-Imperial diesel engine.

The video title claims this to be a tug boat engine but we’re not to sure. Unless it was a really small tug, it just does not seem logical that this was an engine that had the power to move both a tug sized vessel and another one at the same time. Then again we could be wrong and Atlas-Imperial engines were known as some of the finest diesels ever made during their era. There are some people who say that they remain some of the finest diesels ever built right to this day. We are not entirely sure what caused the death of the Atlas-Imperial company in the early 1950s but for a couple of decades prior, they were among the world leader in the diesel business.

The engine being fired and running here is a three cylinder piece and it seems as though compressed air is the method being used to spin it over. When you see the work that this guy has to do with valves, handles, pumps, and other stuff to get the engine back in firing mode you’ll be amazed that he can remember it all! Also, it is a little creepy about how much the trailer is rocking and heaving while it gets up to running speed. To his credit the operator stands in there.

Lots of exposed moving parts, great noise and cool history. Yes, this rules.

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