West Virginia DRAGSTRIP Sold for Use as Private Home, Horse FARM

West Virginia DRAGSTRIP Sold for Use as Private Home, FARM

Well the property sold and sadly it was not to a group that wants to operate a drag strip. The place is going to be razed and the folks that bought it are going to put up a private residence and a horse farm on the property. We like horses and all but this is crummy news for racers who used the track regularly.

As you will see in the release below, this isn’t a “might be” or a “should be” this is a definitive announcement that that paperwork has been signed sealed and delivered and the property is no longer in the possession of the previous owners. No, Kanawha dragstrip wasn’t some sort of super track that was brimming with amenities and whiz-bang stuff but the reality is that the tracks like Kanawha Valley are what the sport of drag racing lives on. We’re sorry to be the bearers of bad news today but it’s our sworn job to keep you informed on what’s happening out there. Good, bad, or otherwise.

Here’s the press release from the track announcing the place’s demise –

We would like to take this opportunity to let everyone know the status of the racetrack.  As of Monday July 31, 2017 the track has been sold to a local family. Their plan for the property is to develop the facility into a private residence and horse farm. We feel it necessary to inform the racing community of the status to alleviate any rumors and innuendos. As many of you know, we have advertised the property for several years as a racing venue but have been unsuccessful in selling to anyone in the racing industry.

Ray & I would like to thank each and everyone who have come through the gates, whether as a racer or spectator.  As we come to the end of this era, we can’t help but reminisce about all the “life lessons” and good times at Kanawha Valley Dragway.  The LIFETIME friendships made over the past 20 years will never be forgotten.

We also want to thank those who came out every weekend and worked the tower, staging lanes, concessions and even the emergency personnel.  Not a single race could have been run without each and everyone of you behind the scenes.

This is a very demanding business that not only takes time and commitment on our part but also on the lives of anyone working for the track, which in turn makes it difficult to have the right people in position.  Also, with mine and Ray’s businesses as well as our age, we can no longer work the track with 100% commitment that the racers and spectators deserve.

We take no pleasure in closing WV’s only Drag Racing facility, but with all this combined and the economy of WV in the past 5 years, we find it impossible to keep the gates open.

We are sure to cross paths in the days ahead and would love to hear from you all.  Please don’t be strangers and we wish you all success in your continued racing endeavors.

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